The Great Loofah Conundrum

Since scented body wash for women became popular (or entered into my teenage consciousness) I’ve been a loofah and body wash kind of girl. The liquid soap seems to be gentler on my skin that the majority of bar soaps, and the psychological effect of all that foam flying around leaves me feeling even cleaner. Occasionally I’ll bust out the washcloth, but the shower pouf is my soap-spreading tool of choice.

However. I have very strict criteria for my loofahs.

I don’t want to pay much more than $1 for a loofah (or, as Google seems to have termed it, a “shower pouf.”) Germ-watchers suggest replacing the synthetic poufs every eight weeks. While I let mine go longer than that, it seems foolish to spend more than Ikea charges for a long-lasting inexpensive toilet bowl scrubber on something that should be tossed out in a matter of days.

I also demand a substantial shower pouf. A half-yard of loosely wrapped inexpensive mesh isn’t going to do the job. I want a big ball of compact material to lather up my suds.

Recently, my loofah experience has been disappointing. For a few months, I was using one someone purchased for me at Bath and Body Works, but it was getting a little funky so I replaced it with a pouf I found in the Target $1 bin. Which, come to find out, was actually three tiny poufs strung together. The string binding the three together was stronger than the poufs themselves, which unraveled all over my shower. I found a washcloth in my dresser to use at tubby time, but it wasn’t the same.

Finally, I have found the solution. And, like most times in my life, I found it at the Christmas Tree Shop.

For $.89 each (they’re also available in tubes of four for a few bucks), they’re a steal compared to $2-3 at Target or CVS. And they’re huge. It’s like washing up with a grapefruit. I’ve been happily scrubbing away for a couple of weeks, and my pouf is holding its shape marvelously.

Cheap shower pouf aficionados would be wise to hit up the Christmas Tree Shops before they’re gone.


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