Working Girl

Oh, yes. I have a blog. Took me a while to remember the password, but here I am.

I’ve been absent because I’ve been lucky enough to land myself a new job. My title is Social Media Manager, and I’m working for an awesome bunch of restaurants in Boston. I have named them below so you can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake
Facebook | Twitter

Bukowski Tavern, Boston
Facebook | Twitter

Bukowski Tavern, Cambridge
Facebook | Twitter

Lower Depths Tap Room
Facebook | Twitter

Flash’s Cocktails
Facebook | Twitter

Parish Cafe, Boylston Street
Facebook | Twitter

Parish Cafe, South End
Facebook | Twitter

And I’ll still be here during non-working hours, holding forth on non-work related topics. So. Please dine at the restaurants listed above if you have not already, and follow and like them as you go. And I’ll see you on the Internet!



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3 responses to “Working Girl

  1. Congrats on the new gig!

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