Pep Talk

Listen up, body.

You aren’t as young as you used to be. Which means our metabolism is slowing down. Taste buds, are you listening?! This means you will not be eating and drinking like we have been.

Oh sure. We went through the weight loss thing five years ago. But you were a young thing in those days. Even when you had to write astronomical sums in a food journal after a weekend celebrating the birth of Butchie the Steelworker, the metabolism was zipping right along due to fitness and conscientious eating during the week. Now it drops a bomb on your hips. And belly. And butt. And unlike in the past, it’s not coming off.

Yes, I’m aware we work for a restaurant group now. Which makes it harder to mind our diet. But we’re going to do it. Ears, make sure everybody understands that. We’re eating half of what shows up on the plate. Water will be taking the place of the second, or third, (…or fourth) beers. Feet, you will be bringing us to the gym frequently to keep the metabolism going.

Does everyone understand my meaning?

Fantastic. Let’s finish up our tea, go to bed, and stick to the plan this week. Right? Great. I’m glad we had this meeting.


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