Paula Deen: Unhealthy. But Dangerous?

Laugh and she'll cut you.

On a healthy eating scale from wheat germ to Baconator, I fall somewhere in the middle. Most of the time, I attempt to eat like women’s magazines and my doctor advise. A wide array of colors on my plate. I try to shop the edges of the supermarket and avoid the processed foods in the middle. Lean protein. A minimum of sweets. Drink ample amounts of water. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Eat the right kinds of fish.

But, dammit, sometimes I want to eat something revolting, disgusting, and an affront to good taste and dietary wisdom. Like this buffalo chicken dip I make for football watching. While I cannot fathom ingesting a Baconator, I do enjoy an occasional single patty burger from Wendy’s. Or nachos. Salty, crispy, delicious nachos.

Which is why I can’t be too enthusiastic in reveling in the widely-reported rumor that Paula Deen will reveal she has Type 2 diabetes tomorrow morning. As a fan of irony, I can appreciate the dark humor. But Paula Deen is just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce, covered in blue cheese and bacon bits) on what is making us all fat and unhealthy.

I don’t think, as Anthony Bourdain stated, that Deen is the most dangerous person in America. I’d say it’s the corporations who exert pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to not have to label genetically modified foods, or to have the ability to slap buzzwords like “natural” all over labels when the food within is not at all are far more dangerous.

When you look at a hamburger that uses glazed donuts instead of baked buns, you know that isn’t good for you, no matter how little you know about proper nutrition. But unless you really do your homework and think about your choices, there’s plenty of pitfalls to catch you. Like salad.

There are plenty of reasons to not like Paula Deen. The way she plays up her accent and the subpar food at Lady and Sons being chief among mine. But she’s not quite the dominate menace to society when you think about the myriad ways in which our food culture is a disaster.



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