Outside (and Inside) the Box

Due to whatever demons seem to invade our bodies every few years and change around characteristics that were once constant, I can’t eat Kashi cereal for breakfast anymore. I’ve always enjoyed the tasty product, but the past few times I’ve eaten it, my stomach gurgles and whistles like a missile falling from the sky for the rest of the day. It’s unpleasant for everyone—especially my coworkers.

While it’s not quite as fiber-packed or protein-rich, I’ve settled on Great Grains, particularly the Raisin Date Pecan variety, as a suitable replacement. It tastes good. It has fruit. And PECANS, which I consider the most perfect nut. And it’s got less sugar than Lucky Charms, so I’ll take it.

Tonight, I stopped in to buy a box and noticed the design of the box had changed. It looked larger than the box I bought last week. No problem.

But as I was sitting around, I took a gander at the labels. The new box has MORE calories per serving than the old model.

Say whaaa..? (Click for big.)

I know, it’s only ten calories. If I tap my foot a few more times an hour I’ll burn it off. But clearly that means Post has changed my beloved cereal. While it’s unclear how, a mystery gram of “other carbohydrates” snuck in the new product.

Further proof that Paula Deen ain’t the only thing making us fat.



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2 responses to “Outside (and Inside) the Box

  1. Daniel G.

    Or the cereal is the same and they’re just being more honest about what’s in it…

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