People of Rhode Island. I beg you. Please learn how to parallel park your cars.

After a long early summer full of more practical commitments, I finally had the time to venture to Narragansett Town Beach this morning. Since I’m not lucky enough to know somebody who resides in town, I have to walk from a spot on the surrounding streets. I consign myself to a long and sweaty walk from the car. It’s fine.

But it’s extremely frustrating when on that walk I spy several would-be spots if everybody had moved up a foot or two. I took a look at the State driver’s manual, and I didn’t see anything about leaving the space of a SmartCar between you and the nearest vehicle, but several fellow beachgoers did just that.

As my Mom loves to remind me, I’m a Masshole driver now, so I’ve had no choice but to become accustomed to wedging vehicles of various sizes in impossibly small spaces on the street. But I promise you, beach fans, it’s not hard. Check out this handy video. You don’t need to leave two feet on either side to free yourself for an Iggy’s trip later. Just six or so will do in a pinch.

So, please. Scooch up or back a bit the next time you visit town beach. Your fellow beach bums will thank you.


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