Not So Fearsome Warrior

Back when there was still supposed to be snow on the ground this winter, I signed up for the Warrior Dash. It’s one of those races sedentary people such as myself use as motivation to keep themselves on a fairly regular fitness schedule. It was a great plan until I started suffering from chronic knee pain that a specialist dubbed runner’s knee.

I was given one exercise to bring my knee back into its proper place and sent on my way without much more instruction. Alas, I’m terrible at doing the lifts (100 a day? Seriously?) and therefore have had to cut my running down to once a week. Desperate to keep myself active, I’ve spent a lot more time on my yoga mat. And on Thursday, I tried the Esplanade Association’s free boot camp class.


I spent an hour with about sixty women (and a few dudes) squatting, lunging, jumping, crab-walking, bear-climbing, mountain-climbing, and crunching. Even though it was lovely out, sweat ran down my face like a spigot was attached to the top of my head. I felt pretty good until Friday morning, when I got out of bed and hobbled into the shower with less grace than the Tin Man before Dorothy oiled him up.

Hopefully, if I attend the boot camp class fairly regularly until the classes end I’ll be able to make it through the obstacles at the Warrior Dash with ease. The running, however—well, September is a lovely time for a stroll through the New Hampshire woods. Even if I do get a little muddy doing it.


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