Austerity January: Week One

How’s everyone doing with Austerity January?

I blogged about Day One last week, but I don’t want to bore you to tears with the minutiae of my days. So let’s do a Week One check-in.

Booze consumed: Zero.
This was a tricky one. On Friday, I went with friends to see Louis CK perform. As we had tickets to the late show, we had a lot of time to kill at the bar beforehand. As I was wrapping up at the office, I felt a little pang of sadness that I didn’t have a big, frosty mug of beer to look forward to. It was especially awkward as I was waiting at the table for my friends to show up, sipping a soda and reading a book. It’s a bar, for God’s sake, not a library. But my friends ordered enough beer to make it worth the waitress’ while and I had so many free refills I jittered through the entire show.

Meals out: Two
At Boston magazine, we had bagels on Friday mornings. Even though I’m the one paying for the bagels now, it’s a small treat to reward myself for getting through the week. And the pre-Louis CK meal was at a dive bar, with the tab for me and the man-friend (also doing Sober January) coming to a measly $25. It would have easily been at least twice that if we’d had drinks.

Cheese consumed: Minimal
Had some on my sandwiches for lunch, and some on my Friday burger. But on the whole, far less than usual. I have noticed that instead of a beer nightcap, I’m having a glass of milk before bed. To wash down some cookies.

Veggies consumed: Many
Carrots with lunch every day. And I made some lentil stew for later in the week. Also had some in a stir-fry.

Fitness: Meh
After getting over my cold, I managed a quick run on Saturday and some OnDemand fitness tonight. Hoping to be good this week.

On Saturday, I joined friends for a night on the bowling lanes. As I waited for my turn, I decided to sink $5 into the scratch ticket vending machine.

“Wait. So you’re not drinking, but you’re gambling?”


“You’ve just traded one vice for another.”

“No. This one might make me rich.”

I didn’t win a damn cent.


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