Austerity January: Week Two

The sanctimonious pride I felt in the early part of Austerity January is transforming into frustration as we reach the halfway point. The restaurants I work for have some great beer events coming up, and I cannot participate. I’ve got a Groupon for a restaurant that I meant to use in December but didn’t, so I’ll be enjoying a quality meal with an artisan Shirley Temple.

And while I didn’t elect to do Austerity January for weight loss, I was hopeful it would be a positive side-effect. Alas, it hasn’t happened, despite being better about eating out, not drinking empty calories, and working out more.

To the bullet points!

Alcohol consumed: Zero
The man-friend and I went to his mother’s house last weekend for dinner. As is her custom, she offered us a cocktail when we walked in. He explained that we’re not drinking this month. After a fleeting expression of confusion, her face lit up. We looked at her quizzically, then realized what she was thinking.

“NO! No, she’s not pregnant,” he said in horror.

Meals out: Four
On Thursday, my friends and I enjoyed movie night and ordered in some pizza. On Friday, I ordered still more pizza because I didn’t feel like cooking or going out. On Saturday, I spent the day catching up on award-nominated films and it was much later than anticipated when the movie ended, requiring dinner before heading home. On Sunday, I had to do some work, and took advantage of brunch.

Cheese consumed: Quite a bit

Veggies consumed: Fair amount
I did have a lot of veggies on said pizza. Also enjoyed some veggie-heavy pasta.

Fitness: Acceptable
I think I worked out four times last week? OK. Though I’m not really enjoying the workouts due to the flood of resolution-makers.

As much as I seem to be crankier than usual while sober, one thing bringing me joy is the shape my bank account is in. I shudder to think how much I typically spend on dining out. (I’ll drag out some old bank statements and add up the total when I’m more peppy.)


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