Austerity January: Week Three

On Sunday, I met up with some friends to watch the AFC Championship game. Sometime in the first half when the game seemed like it could still go the Patriots’ way, our waitress came to our large table to drop off drinks. She plunked down a pint of Wachusett Blueberry in front of me, even though it belonged to my friend clear across the large table. I could smell the tang of the alcohol. Blueberries dropped into the beer circulated through the glass thanks to the carbonation. Ruefully, I handed the glass over to my friend.

“You looked so sad,” she told me later.

Indeed I did. But there’s less than ten days left of Austerity January. They might be frigid, terrible days, but I can almost taste the cocktails I’m going to enjoy on February 1.

Alcohol consumed: Zero
Not only did I refuse the blueberry beer on Sunday, I sat next to a cocktail at a meeting today and refused several offers to drink it. I also sat in front of a beer for a photo shoot at another restaurant and abstained. Superhuman feats all.

Meals out: Six
I had a Groupon to Chez Henri I’d intended to use before January, but it didn’t happen and it was about to expire. (Pro tip for pregnant ladies and fellow teetotalers–they will make a virgin mojito for you. And it’s awesome.) I also had lunch from the restaurants twice. After an Ikea run on Saturday, there was a Friendly’s stop. And Sunday night dinner was eaten out as well. I was feeling run down last night and ordered pizza instead of heating some noodles. The eating out thing was kind of a hot mess, looking back on it.

Cheese consumed: Minimal
Get the ceviche at Chez Henri. (I did have nachos on Sunday. But not as an entree, as I’ve been known to do.)

Veggies consumed: Meh
I made a few veggie and pasta dishes, and had salad for lunch one day.

Fitness: Pretty excellent
Although I dragged my weary self through all of the workouts, I did exercise for five days for the first time in a while.

Just a bit more than a week left. Siiiigh.


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