This Week in Jerks

Whoever dropped this sexist turd

Media outfits like the Post and the male Republicans who talked down to the Secretary of State got to have some fun at Clinton’s expense this morning, which is one of their favorite things to do. Having a lady testify opens up a whole new array of adjectives not usually used when a male government bigwig has some tough questions to answer, like “feisty.” Makes a journalist reach for the thesaurus. Good times.

It’s one thing to ask tough questions about Benghazi—it’s a tragedy and she was right to be grilled for answers. But crap like this cover and Rand Paul’s self-serving whining are going to come back to haunt these conservatives in a few years. They’re just firing up her base (women who have to listen to whiny, pipsqueak crap like this as they try to get their jobs done) and she’s going to go all Obi Wan by 2016.

The young enlisted soldier quoted in this ABC News piece

Imagine this: You are a man. Your battalion comes under fire in Afganistan. You and your fellow soldiers are dodging bullets and trying to get out of this with your lives. You’re all wearing huge flak jackets. Are you going to be overcome by the beauty of your female fellow soldier, or are you going to fight like hell to get away from the danger? Because if I were in a firefight, I’d be more worried about my life than how my ass looked to somebody else. Or mothering the poor wounded souls trying to kill me.

Tucker Carlson

Though, to be fair, that’s pretty much every week.

Counting the jerks


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