Casting Whitey Bulger

In today’s Boston Globe, the Names column had a little bit of fun with the news that Johnny Depp has been signed to play Whitey Bulger in the film adaptation of Black Mass. Obviously, pretty much anyone other than Depp should play this part. Without a doubt, the first name that pops into everyone’s head to play Bulger is Matt Damon. Probably because he’s already working on a Bulger movie in which he would play Bulger.

But there’s got to be somebody who could play Bulger other than Depp. Right? Such as:

Jeremy Renner. He was in The Town, and if memory serves his accent wasn’t as bad as Blake Lively’s.

Mark Wahlberg. He’s expressed interest in getting the rights to Bulger’s story. He’s probably going to want to wait until that rumored jailhouse meeting actually happens to see if he’s going to get the goods or not. (Hint: He’s not.)

Ed Norton. He was born in Boston, and his IMDb profile says he’s know for playing “intelligent but troubled characters.” Sounds like the understatement of the year.

Daniel Craig. Can he learn a Boston accent? Let’s hope so.

All the old guys law enforcement thought were Whitey during his time on the run. For the post-capture jailhouse scenes, naturally.


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