Austerity January: The Recap

Booze tasted so good on February 1.

I treated myself to a cocktail. Then another. Then friends started showing up at the bar and beers were ordered for me. The French Fries I’d eaten along with the first drink did little to prevent a tidal wave of drunkenness from overtaking me. Next thing I knew, the waitress brought over a cheeseburger that I could not fathom eating without losing the contents of my stomach immediately. I tossed down a wad of cash on the table and headed for the T.

Had I learned nothing from Austerity January? Here I was, 31 days later, having burned through a significant cash withdrawal in one evening, just like I’d done all December long. In my drunken stupor, I teared up. It was a bad first day back.

But the next day brought Burrito Bowl at the Rattlesnake and drinks and dessert plans with my friends. I had a couple of drinks at each occasion, but stopped because I just didn’t feel like drinking anymore. It still tasted great, but I’d had my fill.

Since February 1, I think I’ve been better about moderating my intake. Unless I’m being social, I’m still avoiding booze during the work week. As the month wears on, fewer resolutioners will be at the gym, making it easier to stick with fitness. I liked seeing my paycheck remain in my bank account longer, so I’m trying to eat at home more often and still with less cheese than I might like. So the lessons of Austerity January remain with me, even if I forgot on the first night of February.


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