Thank you

As a city, Boston has never really cited Mayor Tom Menino’s eloquence as one of his strengths. But at last night’s press conference that wrapped up a tense, nightmarish day in greater Boston, he summed up my feelings perfectly.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I don’t think I’ve used that short phrase or said thanks more in my life than this week.

Thank you to friends, both near and far, who checked in on me on Monday.

Thank you to friends who asked about the runners I was cheering, even though they only knew them from the screen grabs I posted of their times as they ran 26.2 miles.

Thank you to everyone who offered to help.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to help my friend find out about Krystle Campbell.

I’m thankful that someone who knows and loves both my friend and Krystle broke the news of Krystle’s death to my friend, not me.

Thank God (fate, whatever) none of my friends who live in and near Watertown were hurt yesterday.

In the midst of this madness, I started a new job this week at Solomon McCown&. It was surreal for everyone there, but they couldn’t have been more gracious. Thank you for setting up my computer. Thank you for showing me which printer to choose in Outlook. Thank you for starting me out slow. Thank you for showing me the bathroom. Thank you for handling all my questions during a stressful week.

And thank you to everyone who sent good wishes for success at the new gig. Like every big change, it’s scary and exciting.

Thank you to Boston for showing the world that we’re not a bunch of cold, heartless, selfish bastards.

Thank you, Colbert Report, for this.

And thank God the immediate danger is over. Let’s move on the part where we celebrate the lives of those we lost, and treat each other a little bit better going forward.

Thank you.

[ETA: And, obviously, thank you to all the police and public safety personnel who kept us safe. Hope you enjoy a nice long sleep and many free beers.]


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