Passive Aggression in the Laundry Room

I consider myself fortunate to live in a building with laundry facilities. Having lived in apartments that required a slog to a laundromat, I appreciate being able to pad downstairs in my socks and jammies to move laundry around.

Of course, I still have to share those washers and dryers with everyone in my building.

At my current place, I haven’t had many issues with the four washers and four dryers for tenant use. Occasionally I’ll have to wait a few minutes to get started, but that’s a rarity. Tonight was a different story.

I threw my two loads into the washers. When I tossed the wet clothes into two empty dryers, I noticed that one had a busted coin slot. When I opened the other dryers, I found two massive loads of laundry in the still drums. 

Perhaps you disagree, but in my world it’s allowed to move someone’s laundry from the dryer or washer if a cycle is complete and there are no other open machines to use. I’d love to wait with baited breath for the owner of the clothing in the dryer to fold his undies and pair his socks, but my bedsheets are dripping on the floor. And it’s almost bedtime. 

One load was still damp, so I reached into the bowls of a load of whites, pulling out ripped-up socks and dingy underwear. The load was so large it still smelled like body oder. Thoroughly skeeved out, I stuck my sheets in the dryer and hoped for the best.

On the positive side, I didn’t come down to wet sheets or my laundry dumped in the parking lot. I did return to dry sheets and this note.



My kingdom for in-unit laundry.


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