Patriot’s Day 2014

At long last, it was all over but the running.

After a week of memorials and tributes to those hurt or killed at the 2013 Boston Marathon, it was time for the runners to take to the streets and spectators to take to the bars for the 118th Boston Marathon. On the one-year anniversary of the bombings, the entire city of Boston felt quiet as we remembered what happened. But as Marathon Monday dawned clear and crisp, the city came back to life. It was time to restore the Marathon to what it’s always been; a celebration of spring in Boston.

Anticipating large crowds, I met my friends at the Pour House at shortly before 9am. The bar was already packed with people preparing to attend the Red Sox game. After a short wait, my friends and I grabbed a table. We ordered countless cheap mimosas. We chatted and watched the Marathon coverage. Instagram pictures were shared. Runner updates started coming in. The Red Sox mounted a comeback (even if it ultimately didn’t lead to a win).

mimosastrong It was just like Patriot’s Day should be.

Once our runners got close, we paid the hefty tab and took to the sidewalk just outside the Pour House, cheering on the runners. My eyes swam as I scanned the crowd for familiar faces. Just like in 2013, we moseyed down Boylston Street, soaking up the late April sun and cheers from the crowd as a steady stream of runners bolted for the finish. We saw Kate on a patio and joined her for a drink. Her friend Sarah had just told her Marathoning husband the gender of the baby they’re expecting. We decided to end the day on Annette’s roofdeck with a six-pack of Narragansett Summer. We made friends with a fraternity member who was taking his pet snake out for some air.

I was out too late for a school night. I spent too much money and ate too much and drank more than necessary. But, just like the marathoners vowed to return and take back the Boston Marathon, it was our way of restoring Patriot’s Day to a celebration of life and community.


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