15 Reasons to (Really) Date a Reporter

(Post inspired by this.)

1. Reporters have a great B.S. detector. When you tell your reporter you don’t care that he/she doesn’t make any money, he/she won’t believe you.

2. If you’re free for lunch on a Wednesday, your significant other might be able to join you, due to a reporter’s flexible schedule. However, if he/she is on deadline, you’re eating a sad desk lunch alone at your office. And are probably on your own for dinner too.

3. I’d like to see the science that says reporters are better at Scrabble than the general population. If you’re dating a copyeditor, sure.

4. Reporters meet deadlines. Usually, this means they’re several hours late to an important social activity you ask them to attend.

5. Your reporter date will be up on all the local news and current affairs. Because he/she won’t get off Twitter long enough to get behind.

6.  Successful reporters (like the one you’re dating) are ambitious and aren’t afraid to take risks. It’s why they almost never have health insurance.

7. Your date may make the first move on you. When his/her cellphone is dead and there’s nothing else to do.

8. “Reporters make great dates to parties and family events, as they’re great at asking questions and engaging others in conversation.” Did this person base this entirely on TV and movie reporters? Reporters hate asking questions or engaging unless it’s getting them paid.

9. Your date will always have interesting stories to tell. You will read them in his/her newspaper.

10. Remember that time your ex forgot your birthday? Your journalist is going to do the same thing. Deadlines!

11. Reporters are passionate communicators. They have a special talent with profanity.

12. When dating a reporter, everything is off the record. Which will drive your S.O. crazy if you have a good scoop.

13. Reporters can act fast, redirect questions and problem-solve on the fly. They can also bullshit all day long. 

14. “Reporters get invitations to swanky events.” No, magazine writers get invitations to swanky events. Reporters hop around to various community events. If hanging around a church basement with a package of Chips Ahoy and some Kool-Aid is your idea of a party, you’ll be living the dream.

15. Making a living as a journalist in the modern media world is tough, and those who do it are truly committed to their work. And, for the right kind of person, that’ll outweigh all the minor frustrations.


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