Summer 2014

Don't leave, Summer, you're the best.

Don’t leave, Summer, you’re the best.

Despite the fact that it’s currently 80-something degrees outside and both air conditioners in the apartment have been blasting all day, summer is unofficially over now that the sun has set on Labor Day. The summer of 2014 went by in an all-too-fast blur, much of it rife with horrifying news from around the globe. However, there were some shining moments to remember as we head into the final stretch of the year. Let’s think about those, shall we?

Summer came at all. After a brutally cold and snowy winter, the entire region awaited warm weather and lazy summer days with anxiety. Would it rain all season long? (Nope.) Would it be hot? (Not really.) Everything would be all right, if we could just make it to those warmer months. (Correct.)

There was no “Song of the Summer.” Say what you will about the relatively recent trend of dubbing one pop anthem the inescapable hit of windows-down season, but there really wasn’t one this year. Sure, Iggy Azelea’s “Fancy” was an early leader, but it burned out fast. I’m just sad “All About that Bass” didn’t start seeing regular airplay until the waning days of August. (However, that means music industry marketing folks are having emergency meetings to sharpen the knives for summer 2015. Prepare for an onslaught of universally appealing pop!)

Road trips. New England is the most beautiful place to be in the summer. Everyone is outside, sweating and baring their skin to the suddenly fierce sun. It’s best to take advantage of several long summer weekends around the region. This summer, I visited Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Ogunquit, York, Jamestown RI, Portsmouth NH, Scituate MA, and Lake Winnipesaukee. Can’t wait to see where fall’s road trips take me.

Running outside. There’s nothing better than being woken up by the sun and getting a quick jog in before work, feeling the day’s heat slowly beginning to build. Sadly, that only lasted for about a month before the mornings started getting darker. Ugh. (Sorry. Positivity!)

Weddings! My good friend got married this summer at a lovely, low-key ceremony. She’s one of my first very close friends made during post-college life to get hitched, and I’m so happy for her.

Summer of the Shandy. I think I drank what feels like 500 Narragansett Del’s Shandies and Harpoon Big Squeezes. To say nothing of the Narragansett Summers. Fall beers are awesome, but summer beers are finally giving them a run for their money.

So, what was your favorite part of Summer 2014? Let’s reminisce so we can use these thoughts to keep ourselves from giving up entirely when it’s -30º in a few months.


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