Writers Need Ideas from Hollywood?

As I was skimming the Boston Globe on Wednesday morning on my way into work, a headline caught my attention. “For inspiration, writers turn to Hollywood.”

…’Scuse you?

The hardcover comes first. Then the movie. Then the paperback emblazoned with the words “Now a major motion picture!” Everyone knows that. But the usual order is being upended this week, as not one, but two of Boston’s best-selling writers […] are publishing novels that were inspired by Hollywood, not the other way around.

Full disclosure: I’m a woman with a bachelors in creative writing who’s never had a fiction piece published anywhere. Nor am I knocking the need for fiction or creative nonfiction writers to hustle. It’s hard out there for a writer and these fine wordsmiths want the finer things in life, like shelter and food.

But are you people nuts?!

A perfunctory search brings up dozens of results of mainstream media and bloggers ruminating on the dearth of ideas coming out of Hollywood in recent years. Even successful movies, like the very fun Lego Movie, have already had some part of their creative universe decided for them. For the love of all that’s good and right, someone bought the right to make a Peeps movie. Yes, a movie about the worst Easter candy is coming to a theater near you.

Getting ideas from the people who paid money to make movies about pink marshmallows should be a last resort for writers. What happened to watching people on the subway or at a restaurant and imagining their lives? Why not read Reddit or a community newspaper or whatever source you like looking for real-life stories from which you can draw inspiration, as local boy Andre Dubus III did for monster hit novel (and movie!) The House of Sand and Fog?

I’m all for film adaptations of books. (I can’t wait debate the merits of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild versus the Reese Witherspoon film adaptation.) But I believe that authors can dive deeper into the internal universe of the human experience. Let the filmmakers have all the Peeps they want. Writers should be developing their own ideas and optioning the rights later.


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